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14/03/2011 User Request: "View database by PS3 System Version" added.
15/03/2011 Spammer Request: reCAPTCHA. D:
15/03/2011 User Request: "Cover Links" added.
15/03/2011 Max file uploads decreased to 30 at a time.
16/03/2011 Submit form removed from most pages.
16/03/2011 Can now view international (?) games. MRTC added.
21/03/2011 Added PS3Index.exe to allow uploading from user PC.
24/03/2011 Columns are now sorted on the page (no need for 3! drop down boxes).
24/03/2011 Tidy up of the backend.
24/05/2011 Added PSP and PSN Games (including things like; cover, release name/number, size etc.)
24/05/2011 Added dedicated updates page (just search for required game).
24/05/2011 Added updates link to each PS3 game (if found).
24/05/2011 Redesign of
25/05/2011 Barely worth mentioning: PSP and PSN updates have been added to the updates section - Found the same way the PS3 updates were (there just is not many updates to find)

Total PS3 Games: 2178
Total PSP Games: 2565
Total PSP PSN Games: 409
Total PS3 Pending: 2099
Total Game Updates: 320.56GB